Episode 55: POWER RANGERS (2017)

It all leads up to this. We’ve done Power Rangers episodes…. we’ve done episodes about movies… but until now, with one possible exception, there was not a Power Rangers movie. AND NOW, though some may accuse it of being a Breakfast Club reboot in disguise, and it does not feature Finster OR Scorpina OR the Rad Bug… this Power Rangers movie is pretty good. Rita Repulsa kills more people than the Joker! Rita Repulsa eats a donut! Rita Repulsa is one of the many corpses fished up daily by Jason’s dad’s boat! Kimberly goes to detention for revenge porn and cyberbullying! Zordon and Alpha 5 are cranky all the time!

Finally — this is an extra long episode because we’re putting the podcast on hiatus. Hopefully temporary! Stick around for the last 20 minutes where we talk about what a great experience it’s been. Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions – we wouldn’t have watched modern classics like The Pit, The Unholy, and Get Crazy if not for you. Whereas it was our own brilliant ideas that led us to atrocities like Bullseye! and The Curse of Inferno. Keep it real, yo. Stay subscribed to the feed… just in case.

* * *

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Mighty Morphin Festive Failures: Alpha 5’s Magical Xmas

We watched Alpha 5’s Magical Xmas! How is this Christmas special so utterly terrible? It’s like Power Rangers for an audience of four-year-olds in 1890. Marvel as we discuss:

  • Alpha 5 and Zordon’s dreary home life
  • Speculations about Alpha 5’s religious beliefs
  • Alpha 5 selfishly makes Christmas all about himself. What a diva.
  • The Power Rangers are helping Santa? Helping him do what?
  • Zordon kidnaps children with a beam? That is how he cheers up Alpha 5?
  • Alpha 5 has magic powers to make things appear?
  • Can Alpha 5 taste cookies?
  • The children are released from their captivity by walking into a Stargate / Poltergeist mystic fog cloud doorway

And hear MikeD’s award-winning Alpha 5 impression!

* * *

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