Mighty Morphin Festive Failures: Alpha 5’s Magical Xmas

We watched Alpha 5’s Magical Xmas! How is this Christmas special so utterly terrible? It’s like Power Rangers for an audience of four-year-olds in 1890. Marvel as we discuss:

  • Alpha 5 and Zordon’s dreary home life
  • Speculations about Alpha 5’s religious beliefs
  • Alpha 5 selfishly makes Christmas all about himself. What a diva.
  • The Power Rangers are helping Santa? Helping him do what?
  • Zordon kidnaps children with a beam? That is how he cheers up Alpha 5?
  • Alpha 5 has magic powers to make things appear?
  • Can Alpha 5 taste cookies?
  • The children are released from their captivity by walking into a Stargate / Poltergeist mystic fog cloud doorway

And hear MikeD’s award-winning Alpha 5 impression!

* * *

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