Minisode: Wackymetrics II

It’s a 3-man team for this discussion of Wacky Races S1E02: Creepy Treep to Lemon Twist. The Slag Bros enjoy some scotch, Dick hands out KooKoo Kola, and eerie apparitions bedevil the psyche of Penelope Pitstop.

Commiserate with MikeD, MikeR and Darrill as (spoiler alert!) Dick and Muttley are unfairly denied their rightful victory.

* * *

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2 thoughts on “Minisode: Wackymetrics II

  1. I’m having trouble downloading your podcast from iTunes. It takes hours to download one episode where every other podcasts takes a few minutes at most. I don’t know why.


    • Sorry for the hassle, we’re working on figuring it out. So far we’ve concluded that blowing into it is not effective. In the meantime, it might be easier/faster to download it directly from where it’s hosted at


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