Episode 5: Running Out of Luck (1986)

Your Forgotten Failures casters were invited behind the door of the great Mick Jagger’s mind (if VHS tapes can be considered an invitation (they can)) and things won’t never be the same.

Mick Jagger AKA Mickey Jaggiero AKA Brazilian Prostitute #5 does not have time or luck on his side, as told with minimal dialog and maximum musical montages. If you’ve ever wondered if it’s safe to eat chicken found in a cemetery, how to poison your nipples, or who really pioneered the red leather jacket, then you, dear listener, have just lucked out. Join Mike D., Darrill, Mike R., and Lindsay in their exasperated attempts to make sense of Mick Jagger’s journey through stardom, banana plantation/sex slavedom, prostitutedom, jail house rockdom, casino heistingdom, and “sex” having.

* * *

[mp3] Download or play this episode directly
[archive] View this episode’s page on Archive.org
[gifs] Go to the gifs page to see Mick get dumped on the stoop of a convenience store, Mick wolfing down some suspicious chicken, Mick boogeying in jail, and more



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