Episode 2: Final Mission (1994)



What does AC Slater’s big brother really do in the military? Maybe he’s a drug-addled “virtual reality” pilot hypnotized by his helmet.

And who’s behind the conspiracy? The alcoholic colonel played by Steve “Rail Drinks” Railsback? General Corbin Burnside? The guy with the mishmashed facial hair colors? The short-haired software vixen? Darrill, Lindsay, MikeD and MikeR investigate the truth.

This technoactionadventure from 1994 dares to ask the question “What is virtual reality?”, and answer it with “Virtual reality is when you’re flying an actual plane through actual reality, and your helmet makes it looks like you’re in a video game simulator, and also you need drugs to make it work.” Also stars Elizabeth Gracen, Hal Havens, and Billy Wirth as the hero who resembles Tom Cruise in Top Gun and happens to be named Tom.


* * *

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[archive] View this episode’s page on Archive.org


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