Episode 1: Frozen Assets (1992)

frozenIn this seminal episode of the Forgotten Failures podcast, the film chum (consisting of Mike D. , Darrill and Lindsay), have attracted the attention of the sophomore effort from romcom power couple, Shelley Long (as Grace Murdoch, single and hating it sperm guru) and Corbin Bernsen (as Zach Shepard, possible bachelor degree forger, pick up artist and business man).

The chum discuss all things Newton Patterson (played by a spry Larry Miller who is the shining star of this movie), how uncomfortable angry slapstick is, effective negging, floral patterns, nurse prostitutioners/brothjobs and how New Yorkers are made.  Lindsay and Darrill also demonstrate a concerning lack of knowledge about sperm.

Yes, sperm.  Because this entire movie revolves around putting a sperm bank back in the black through a town wide sperm count competition.

* * *

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